The Best Self-Tanning Tools (you never thought to use!)

By SwellLife

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If you’ve never been one to get a tan at home or haven’t attempted a self-tan in a while, then you’re going to love these pro-tips for getting the perfect tan at home. And if you’re a seasoned at-home tanner, we’ve got some surprising application tips that will perfect your at home tan – and maybe blow your mind 😉

The Swell Skin, A Shore Thing Sunless Tanner has been formulated to make at home tanning easier than ever with our dual bronzing color guide and quick dry formula that will last up to ten days. Slay that summer glow all year long by perfecting your tan application routine with these tools.

Flat Top Kabuki Brush

  • WHY: Hands down one of our favorite application tools. Specifically great for hands, wrists, ankles and tops of feet. If you’re looking for a perfect glow on your face the kabuki brush is an excellent way to blend your tan for a natural look on your face.
  • WHAT: There’s a little bit of thought that goes into the kabuki brush you use for your self-tan application. A flat top or angled brush is ideal because of the short bristles, you will more control of your strokes when compared to longer bristles. Finally, go for a brush that is thick with strong/sturdy bristles. Your brush doesn’t have to super expensive – just needs to work will with liquids and allow for precise self tanner application.
  • HOW: When using the kabuki brush add a small amount of self-tanner to the top of the brush and begin blending on the desired area. We’ve got a super quick demo here!

Silicone Make Up Applicator

  • WHY: This is a contouring trick. Want to highlight your jawline or give your legs the appearance or serious glutes and gams? Well this tool is going to be your best friend! Hello Bikini season.
  • WHAT: The days of the sponge make up blender are over – it’s all about silicone. Contouring with a silicon sponge prevents your self-tanner from being absorbed into a traditional beauty sponge and spreads self tanning lotion in a much more smooth, consistent way, making your tan look smooth and natural. Not blotchy. These little miracles are easily available on Amazon and can be purchased for under $10.00.
  • HOW: Similar to the kabuki brush, dab a small amount into your sponge and glide on areas you want to contour. Keep in mind a little goes a long way and should you need any blending defer back to the kabuki brush.

Easy Lotion Applicator for Back & Shoulders

  • WHY: While there is no replacement for a helping hand when applying self tanner to your back, sometimes there just isn’t anyone around!
  • WHAT: There are a bunch of lotion applicators for the back. Many of which do not work or in-fact make your at home self tanner harder to apply. We recently discovered this handy dandy tool and are loving how easy it is to use!
  • HOW: Using this little do-dad is so easy! Similar to the other tools we’ve mentioned here, apply about 1 pump (enough to cover the parts of your back your hands can’t reach) and smooth over your back and shoulders. Voila! Perfect, full body tan.
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