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As a tiny shop, at Swell Life, growth is constant, but good things take time. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) For years we have been pouring our hearts into the development and creation of A Shore Thing Sunless Tanner and Vitamin Babe hair skin and nail vitamins. Today, we are one step closer to offering new sunless tanners from Swell Life! But first, we’d love to hear what you think. Vote now or read more to learn about our newest self tanners!

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In addition to A Shore Thing Self Tanner, we are looking to add sunless tanning products that will meet the needs of all of our customers. Right now, A Shore Things is a deep rich tan with an instant bronzer. Our highly concentrated formula is designed to be used in small amounts (less is more with this one). Ideal for times when you are in a hurry or need a tan on the go. A Shore Thing self tanner provides instant results. Our bronzed color guide glides on streak-free and without that pesky self tan smell. Plus, an added bonus: a quick easy application process.

The next items we’d like to introduce offer a self tanning experience quite different. Our first, new product is a natural cream colored lotion that delivers medium tan results over time. This self tanner does not have a bronzing color guide and will show your tan in about 4-6 hours. This moisturizing, anti-aging formula can be used right out of the shower or any time daily to get a naturally tanned look with minimal effort.

Our second self tanner offers a light bronzer on initial application, a color that appears right in the middle of A Shore Thing, and our proposed self tanner without the bronzing color guide. This caramel lotion offers a luxurious application that gives just enough of a glow to ensure your application is smooth and streak free, while delivering the same moisturizing and anti-aging benefits.

Now our question to YOU! Which formula do you want to try first? In a perfect world when you apply your self tanner, what do you want your lotion to look and feel like? This isn’t a question of mousse Vs. lotion or airbrush tan Vs. the booth. We want to know, which self tanner do you want to try next?

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Which Self Tanner Do You Want to Try?

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