New Sunless Tanning from Swell Life

As a tiny shop, at Swell Life, growth is constant, but good things take time. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) For years we have been pouring our hearts into the development and creation of A Shore Thing Sunless Tanner and Vitamin Babe hair skin and nail vitamins. Today, we are one step closer to offering new sunless tanners […]

The Truth About Swell Life Hair, Skin, & Nail Vitamins

Here’s the truth about Vitamin Babe – quality vitamins that produce real results are hard to find, especially when it comes to hair and nail growth. With Vitamin Babe hair skin and nail vitamins, you can now experience longer hair, stronger nails, and more youthful skin in just 30 days and with only one vitamin per […]

Stop! Exfoliators to Avoid Before You Self Tan

Exfoliate. It’s one of the first steps in the self tanning process. Whether you are hitting up VersaSpa, stepping into a Mystic booth or going to your favorite airbrush spot, you will always be told to prep your skin. Simply put you must cleanse and exfoliate properly to ensure that your tan is applied evenly, lasts […]

Less Is More with A Shore Thing Sunless Tanner

What makes Swell Life Sunless Tanner unique? It’s a question we hear a lot, and aside from being an excellent self tanner for all skin types & colors, our unique formula is highly concentrated which delivers quick and powerful self-tan results in just 3 hours. And with a formula that powerful, less is more! With […]

The Best Self-Tanning Tools (you never thought to use!)

If you’ve never been one to get a tan at home or haven’t attempted a self-tan in a while, then you’re going to love these pro-tips for getting the perfect tan at home. And if you’re a seasoned at-home tanner, we’ve got some surprising application tips that will perfect your at home tan – and maybe […]

Swell Life Self Tanner

Swell Skin Shipments to Swell Lifers

Today we’re excited to share that our first shipment of Swell Skin products went out to the newest Swell Lifers. These lovely gals are livin’ the Swell Life and we can’t wait to introduce them to you! Stay tuned for our next share.

Calling All Influencers!

Hey, we’re Swell and we’re new around here! Swell Life products are a brand new line of health and beauty lifestyle products. As you can see, right now we are still pretty small, but we are working to diligently to add new products to our line. Today, our stand out product is our natural sunless […]

Swell Skin’s Sunless Tanner is here!

A natural, sunkissed glow is now easily accessible year round! Our brand new self-tanner is now in and ready to ship. Whether you’re a tanning newbie or self-proclaimed tanning junkie, our odor-free, quick-dry formula is perfect for every skin type and our universal bronzer is a perfect match for any skin tone. Ready to get […]

Just a few PRE-SALE bottles LEFT!

It’s an exciting time here at Swell Skin – the anticipation is killing us! And we can tell you’re excited too! Pre-sales opened just a few weeks ago with the special price of $20 and FREE U.S. shipping (USE THE CODE FREESHIP). To date we only have a few more bottles left at this price. Hurry […]

A Shore Thing Review by Beyond Casual B

We think we’re pretty great around here. A shore thing is the fastest drying sunless tanner out there, tans develop quickly and in the perfect shade for any skin tone AND among many other things, we have a product that is cruelty free and filled with natural, organic, and eco-cert ingredients! Of course, we can […]